Be a Leader

It is easy to make the difference in the lives of girls. Become a troop leader and let the inspiration begin! You’ll be able to introduce girls to new experiences, and the possibilities are endless! Helping girls achieve their highest potential while having fun is one of the best rewards of the Girl Scout volunteer program. Girl Scout leaders help their troop develop skills and confidence, while making amazing memories in their lives. What are you waiting for?

Steps to becoming a leader

  1. Register as an adult Girl Scout. Refer to our Online Registration page for information. If you have questions or technical difficulties, you can contact Girl Scouts of Eastern MA directly at
  2. Submit a completed CORI form in person to any of the following Service Team members:
  3. Read the Volunteer Essentials (PDF) and the Online Volunteer Agreement.
  4. Complete the GSEM (Girl Scouts of Eastern MA) Orientation (course) and Girl Scouting 101 (webinar).
  5. Complete a GSEM Girl Scout Level Essentials course (Daisy, Brownie or Leadership — you can search for the course you need on GSEM’s Volunteer Training page.)
  6. Review troop bank account guidelines (PDF) and submit completed form via the GSEM website.

After all the necessary steps are taken, you will be contacted with your troop number and information. Every troop leader needs a co-leader, as well; if you do not have a co-leader, you will be placed with one. Please refer to the Volunteer Essentials regarding requirements on number of girls/number of adults needed. Co-leaders will need to register, as well. Once your registration is complete and your CORI background check has been approved, you will receive a list of the girls’ names in your troop and your troop number from our Girl Scouts of Eastern MA registration services (

Finally, you will need to open a bank account in your name and co-leader’s name. This is used for monthly dues, cookies sales, and other financial transactions.


The Volunteer Toolkit can help you plan your year. If you’re a Troop or Co-Leader – click here! See your troop’s roster, update contact info, access resources, easily email parents, enter troop finances, and plan your program year with pre-populated troop calendars filled with Daisy, Brownie and Junior Journeys and badges. New! Multi-level troops now have access. All program levels can add your own troop activities to your calendar, as well as pre-populated council events. It’s your virtual troop assistant!


Training provided by GSEM: volunteer



2019 Volunteer Conference

Sunday, November 17, 2019
8 AM–5 PM
Boston Marriott Burlington | One Burlington Mall Road, Burlington, MA $25, lunch included

Start your membership year off strong! With a focus on Leaders Lifting Leaders, the 2019 GSEMA Volunteer Conference offers new perspectives on diversity and inclusion, dynamic workshops, informative vendor tables, and exciting networking opportunities to help you and your girls shine. Register here!

Camping Training dates now online!

LEAD is a new online learning tool provided by GSEMA, check out more information online.

Have questions about your troop?  Looking to chat with other leaders?  Can’t make it to a regional Volunteer Connections session in your area?  Each month, a Volunteer Support Specialist is hosting an online hour-long drop-in Volunteer Connection event!  Join us online and you’ll have an opportunity to network, engage, catch up, and learn a few new tricks!

Please go to LEAD ( to access this online session.  If you do not have access to LEAD, please contact Customer Care at

Volunteer Connection Monthly Themes:

September – Fall Product Program & Troop Money Management

October – Badges, Journeys & What’s New

November – Cookie Program & Financing the Fun

December – Volunteer Appreciation & Engaging Families

January – Songs, Games, & Girl Scout Traditions

February – Cookie Recognitions & Ideas for Daisies

March – Getting Outdoors & Going Camping

April – Field Trips & Travel

May – Bridging & Celebrating Your Troop Year

June – Summer Fun

July – Journeys, Taking Action & the High Awards

August – Girl Leadership & Planning Your Troop Year