Girl Scouts of Eastern MA (GSEM) offers extensive training opportunities for leaders and adult volunteers. Some leader training sessions are required, such as Girl Scouting 101, Troop Pathway Orientation, and Level Essentials for new leaders. Specific training information for each of these is described below.

For Encampment, two certifications, both First Aid certification and CPR certification, are required. Additionally, Troop Camping Skills training is required if you plan to stay overnight with your troop at Encampment. We list several local training programs for these certifications below. Keep in mind that your troop’s Camping Skills certified person and your First Aid/CPR certified person cannot be the same person.

GSEM registration deadlines are one week prior to each session.

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Leader Training (General)

Click the program link below for a list of upcoming GSEM training dates and more information:

Leader Level Training

Girl Scouts are organized into six grade levels: Daisies (grades K-1), Brownies (grades 2-3), Juniors (grades 4-5), Cadettes (grades 6-8), Seniors (grades 9-10), and Ambassadors (grades 11-12). To learn more about each Girl Scout level, click here.

For a list of upcoming Level training dates and additional information, click the program link below:

First Aid & CPR Training

Having at least one adult in your troop with both First Aid and CPR certifications is required for Encampment, as well as for any troop outing event. This person is referred to as a First Aider. Please see GSEM’s Getting Started Checklist for First Aiders and/or the Girl Scouts’ Safety page for more information.

First Aid and CPR certifications are offered through many fire departments and hospitals; alternatively, GSEM offers Medic First Aid Training & CPR certification.

Click the program links below for more information about CPR and First Aid training courses:

If you cannot make the Holliston Fire Department courses or GSEM Medic First Aid & CPR Training, additional certification courses are available through the following organizations, but you will need to verify with GSEM that whichever course you choose covers their requirements for both First Aid and CPR training:

You can email GSEM at with any questions.

Troop Camping Skills Training

CampingHaving at least one adult in your troop complete Troop Camping training is required for Encampment overnight stays — this person must be separate from your First Aid trained person. Lodge certification will allow your troop to stay overnight in a lodge, which, according to GSEM, is defined as any building with a stove and flush toilets. Tent certification will allow you to take your troop tent camping but will also cover lodge camping.

Click the links below to learn more about Troop Camping training courses: