Levels of Girl Scouts


Kindergarten -1st grade

Daisy Tunic

As Daisies, girls will learn the components of the Girl Scout law and earn petals such as respecting yourself and others, being friendly and helpful, being responsible for what they say and do, being honest and fair and making the world a better place. Daisies can participate in outings and community activities set up by their leaders, and registered parents are able to attend as well. Cookie sales and the fall product sale are optional for Daisies.

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2nd-3rd grades

Brownie VestAs Brownies, girls earn patches, go camping, attend outings, participate in community activities, learn new skills, participate in cookie sales and the fall product sale, and begin to understand the “girl-led” aspect of the Girl Scout philosophy.

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4th-5th grades

Junior SashAs Juniors, girls become even more active and independent in their community and their decision making. Leadership and teamwork are encouraged at this level. Outings, trips, camping, earning badges, and cookie and fall product sales are all part of being a Junior Girl Scout.

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6th-8th grades

As Cadettes, girls are encouraged to pursue independent and group opportunities then take steps to improve their community and world. More freedom is given to the troop but still overseen by a troop leader. Girls can participate in community service, earning badges, outings, camping, trips and cookies and fall product sales.

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9th-10th grades

As Seniors, girls will focus on becoming leaders. Seniors will plan meetings for their troop, events, outings and often mentor younger Girl Scouts. Community service projects are a large focus of Senior Girl Scouts, as well. They may travel locally and internationally, participate in cookie sales and fall product, and go camping.

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11th-12th grades

As Ambassadors, girls often use their experience to advocate for younger girls, attend overnight events, and head up service projects. Ambassadors are also encouraged to focus on careers and higher education opportunities. They may travel nationally and internationally. Ambassadors are the next generation of leaders and by this time have run their own business of Girl Scout cookie sales for several years.

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