Why Join Holliston Girl Scouts?


Girl Scouts empowers girls. As Girl Scouts, girls make new friends, explore new places, learn leadership and social skills, help communities, and make a difference in the world!  Girl Scouts is a “girl-led” program in which girls work together as a troop to make decisions. Girl Scout’s range from K-12 grades.

Girl Scout members in Holliston coordinate and participate in several events including the annual Fall Festival, Celebrate Holliston Parade, World Thinking Day, Flag Ceremonies, the Memorial Day Parade, the End-of-Year Picnic, and town-wide encampments every other year. Girl Scouts are active community service volunteers helping many local organizations and businesses including the Food Pantry, Senior Center, local churches, schools, fire department, and a variety of other establishments in our town. Girl Scouts are proud to call Holliston home and strive to make our community the best it can be!

Girls can earn a variety of badges from STEM, camping, business, sea life, and horseback riding.

Founded by Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia on March 12, 1912, Girl Scouts serves more than 2.3 million girl members from kindergarten through 12th grade. Our age-appropriate groups are led by committed and knowledgeable volunteers who are trained to help girls reach their full potential and promote self esteem.

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New Girl Scout Badges

Presenting 28 new badges that spark her imagination.

They’re here: 28 new ways for Girl Scouts of all ages to explore their world, whether online or unplugged!

The newest class of badges take on even more topics that Girl Scouts and their families care about, like getting outside, using technology to run girls’ cookie businesses, and growing girls’ digital leadership skills to make the world a better place.

Earning the badges is also easier than ever: based on feedback from girls, volunteers, and families, the new badge booklets now include a volunteer guide and printable activity pages for girls, as well as new badge overviews in the Volunteer Toolkit and fun and fast badge introductions in gsLearn.

Meet the new Girl Scout badges:

Math in Nature (Daisies through Juniors)

After a year of learning inside, it’s time to get outdoors! The new Math in Nature badges build on one another as Girl Scouts learn about shapes, numbers, and design in nature. They’ll plan a hiking adventure, create trail maps, and design a bird feeder—all while learning math concepts and how they apply outside the classroom.

The new Math in Nature badges also boost girls’ interest and confidence in STEM (PDF); they’re more likely to connect with STEM concepts when they’re linked to things they love, such as outdoor time and helping others.

Cookie Business (Daisies through Ambassadors)

With more and more consumers shopping online, girls learn to think beyond the storefront and meet their cookie customers where they are through the Digital Cookie® platform. The 13 new Cookie Business badges are packed with activities to support every Girl Scout as they work collaboratively, set goals for themselves, and finesse their digital marketing campaigns. Girl Scouts of all ages will be ready to take their cookie business to the next level!

Digital Leadership (Daisies through Ambassadors)

Technology can help girls empower themselves and others—and by earning Digital Leadership badges, Girl Scouts of every age can do just that! They’ll learn about digital literacy and wellness and use what they’ve learned to raise awareness on a topic or cause they care about.

Girl Scouts are already digital leaders. (PDF) These future-forward badges will support them in using technology to connect with others and create a digital product that makes a positive impact and inspires others to action.

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